Intrarole Conflict In The Marine Corps

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The Marine Corps started up on 10 November 1775, in Tun Tavern, Philadelphia. Today it is the top fighting force in America. There are many problems in this organization that could be hindering group productivity. I have been asked by the top man in the Marine Corps, the SgtMaj. of the Marine Corps to step in and work alongside a group of Marines to help him determine what kind of problems are going on in the work place, and how to fix it. I will be looking at the different role conflicts going on in the group. I will also look at communication problems among the group members. Third, I will look for any lack of cohesiveness with the diverse members of the group. Lastly, I will be looking for any excessiveness in intergroup conflict.…show more content…
This will help the role conflict of new mother and worker. Having the leaders who know what they are supposed to allow for a new mother to do give her a hard time about pumping milk, can lead to decreased productivity and resentment towards the leaders. Another type of role conflict is intrarole conflict. "Intrarole conflict describes conflicting expectations that exist about the same role" (Losh, p. 77). One issue I see in this work place dealing with intrarole conflict is the role of friend and boss in the work place. Certain people that are higher up in the chain want to be buddy-buddy with only certain people lower in the chain. Seems to me that they have a friend connection between the two of them. This role conflict can be hard for both of the individuals. In the Marine Corps there is a law against fraternizing with people of higher and lower ranks. This is in place for many reasons, one being respect and productivity. The lower ranking person might act like a friend to the higher-up in front of the wrong person that is even higher-up, and can cause problems and trouble for both people. To resolve this issue we can "segregate or compartmen¬talize role expectations by breaking down a single role (e.g., professor or parent) into component parts (teacher, researcher; or nurturer, discipline enforcer)" (Losh, p. 78). Meaning, even though there are…show more content…
84). However, groups with diverse members can have a negative effect of lack of cohesiveness in the group. That is the next issue I will be talking about in regards to this particular group. One issue I noticed was that there was a new Marine that just came to this station. He was Mexican and spoke very, very little English. There was a lack of communication because of his diversity, and there were certain people who could not convey a message to him properly for him to understand it. This guy who did not speak very much English got picked on and yelled at more because he would get things wrong because he couldn't understand. This affected his production and attitude towards the group went from positive to negative. However, there was a solution to the problem and a few people figured this out. A few caring Marines worked alongside this Marine and took extra care to teach him better English. This is a was a wonderful solution to the problem, and should be used in any other cases like this. Another diversity issue I noticed was with the issue of the "don't ask don't tell" regarding gays in the military. The issue was that if you are gay, don't tell anyone about it or you will be kicked out. Now, they have changed the law so that you can be openly gay and serve in the military. This is an

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