Marines Vs Army

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THE MARINES AND ARMY All individual pride in service aside, every branch thinks that they are the best , and better than all the other branches. But, when it comes down to it, we all fight side by side for America. It doesn’t matter which side you are on, The Marines or the Army. You have to believe it is one world and one fight and one team. Deep down inside all should show deep respect for the opposite team, because we are all doing the same thing. This is protecting our country from the outsiders who doesn’t like our beliefs and mainly our freedom. Also another way of looking at it is one branch couldn’t work without the other. There are some differences and similarities between the two. While the Army is getting all the new tools and equipment, it seems as if the Marines are getting the job done with all the hand me downs from the different branches. The reason why the Army gets all the cool gear is because they are the bigger branch. The Marines is an attachment of the Navy. The Marines and the Army have different styles of training. While the Marines is done in Parris, Island, South Carolina, The Army has several different locations for there training. The Army is broken up into three phases. Phase I (Red Phase), Phase II (White Phase), and Phase III (Blue Phase). In the Red phase, recruits receive uniforms and haircuts, and they start their physical training through obstacle courses and hand-to-hand combat exercises. In the White phase, recruits begin Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) with the M16 rifle. In the Blue phase, recruits have the opportunity to apply their skills in a Night Infiltration Course and a Tactical Foot March. The Marines boot camp is thirteen weeks while the Army’s is nine weeks. Don’t know too much about the rest of the training the Army goes through. There are two locations for the training to be a Marine and they

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