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USMC Customs And Courtesies After days of research and hours of writing on the historical traditions, customs, and origins of the beloved Marine Corps, I finally came to the subtle yet enlightening conclusion that the choice is ours, and ours alone to make. There is an underlying confliction of evidence that undoubtedly expresses how the very existence of the Marine Corps was both created out of necessity due to a lack of numbers in the British military, as well as out of fellowship, when a group of men at a bar decided to do the right thing. However, none alive today could ever accurately explain the exact events that led to this organizations origins so again, the choice is ours and ours alone to make. What we do know is today and today, it is said that the Marine Corps is here to defend the freedoms of our…show more content…
It has its roots found in slavery however, where owned property (slaves) were forced to address their retainer by whatever title he appointed. This oppressive way of life of course led to mass rebellions and even militaristic unrest from every great military regime from China to Germany. When the Marine Corps got hold of it however, it was first used on ships for functionality. Seamen would typically resort to a simple “Aye, Aye” when the captain was shouting out commands, to avoid confusion as well as increase productivity in their mission....which was usually fighting another ship so in essence, they did this only to save their lives as it was necessary. Once again however, the new Marine Corps teaches us “Yes, No and Aye” sir, as our means of communication and that if we address a higher-up without saying his/her rank at least once per sentence, that we are being disrespectful. Such instruction however leaves us all as strangers in our own Corps, where one Marine can only relate to the other by what oppression he has seen through the

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