What Is The Theme Of Sankofa's Identity Crisis

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Devan Dickerson Afrikan Diaspora 11/4/2011 Sankofa: The Damage That Has Been Done Black people in this nation are, and have been for some time, in the midst of an identity crisis. They are torn between what they are taught in a white run society and the Afrikan ancestry they know nothing about. Sankofa is an illustration of where this identity crisis began. It is the story of a black model, Mona, who is sent to the past in the form of a house slave named Shola. The things Mona sees are not all that different from what the average black person sees in America today. Themes of the divide we feel between our race and identity, the divide we have between each other and the use of religion as indoctrination and control. The first…show more content…
There were the field niggers, the house slaves and the head men. The field niggers did all the back breaking labor in the fields while the house slaves tended to the master and his family in the house. The head men had the worse job of them all. They had to work as assistant overseers. This involved whipping the field niggers when they weren’t working fast enough, whipping the runaway slaves and running errands for the white overseers and the master. This segregation would of course cause antagonism on the plantation between the different sects. However the sect that it affected the most was the head…show more content…
He thought that if he could be the most pious slave on the plantation he would be set apart from the other, more lowly, slaves. All it did was shape into a tool that the master could use. And it continues to this day. Despite the history of Christianity being used by White people to suppress and oppress Black people, many Blacks continue to practice Christianity as their faith. The passivity of Black people allowed racism to flourish. While Black’s practiced the religion that had been forced upon their ancestors, the descendants of the owners of their ancestors continued to abuse them. White men rapped Afrika, pillaging the culture, enslaving the people and conditioning us to forget. Joe is the epitome of the negative affects of an Afrikan trying to assimilate to a white world. He wanted so bad to be seen as different, as unlike his Afrika embracing mother as he could. However the only way he could truly separate himself was to cut off his ties to his culture and kill the last link to his ancestry, his mother. However instead of freeing him, it left a void that made him feel so empty that death was the most palatable

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