Harford Summary

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Hunter and Ramsay are both well trained, two of the best people in the navy flied. Hunter was in Harford. But there was so much different in the character, the way they deal with tough circumstances, and the way they deal with other people around them. Ramsey is a captain of the ship, sailed and did many amazing things before with the navy. After serving for big numbers of years in the navy he thought he knows all by heart, and he did not need to follow the saturation and the rules as he book says. After he get the massage, instead of translated, he depend on his experience which he thought that the message fraught, which it could be right, but he did not think, what if he was wrong, he believed so much in himself. He did not if it was wrong, it might cause a big danger. After hunter correct him and told him what he supposed to do, his iger was so high that he but himself and the rest of the crew in danger so he can look tough, infornt of everybody ells, so people can fear and respect him more.. One of the other situations that he tried to understamed Hunter so many times…show more content…
He was very well educated person, did not really much on his sense. He wanted to make sure that everything goes according to the book. He cared so much for what he believes what it is right to do, that he put his life in danger. After Ramsey did not want to translate the message they got, instead of going with the wind, and wine Ramsey respect, he fought for it, and lost Ramsey friendship, which was so important at that time. He did not just stop there; he did everything in his power to translate the message, and encouraged other people who were working under him. Especially the radio guy, when he thought that the radio cannot be fixed but after Hunter talked and encouraged him, they guy believed in himself one more time and start to work on it, and finally it get fixed, which was very important to translate the
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