Johnny Tremain Essay

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Johnny Tremain by Ester Forbes is a story about a young boy who lives in Boston at the start of The Revolution. Throughout the book, we read about how a simple apprentice boy’s life changes, as he gets involved in politics and the Sons of Liberty. The book shows how the events of that time brought families together, and pulled some apart. It describes how one person can greatly affect the places we live in. As the book goes on Johnny Terrain’s life changes in many ways. He goes from silversmith apprentice who is full of himself to a newspaper deliver who cares deeply about others and liberty. Many people affect Johnny throughout the book, in good and bad ways. Three of these people are Rab, James Otis, and Mr. Lyte. “Why do you go out of your way to make a bad feeling?” (109) This quote is just one example of how what Rab says and what Rab does greatly affects Johnny. After meeting Rab for the first time, Johnny notices how nonchalantly he does things. When Johnny starts working for the Boston Observer, he watches how hard working and patient Rab was. These observations set out a new way of doing and a newfound determination for Johnny. After visiting Rab at the end of the book, Johnny finds courage, a courage he never knew he had before. Knowing that Rab died for what he believed gave Johnny strength. It gave him the strength to fight for what he believed was right, to strive for liberty. James Otis played a very big role in changing the way that Johnny went about life. After seeing James Otis and noticing how “ out of this world” he seems to be, Johnny doesn’t really have a high respect or understanding of him. That all changes when Otis comes to the last Observer meeting. “Some will give their lives.”(119) “We fight, we die, for a simple thing. Only that a man can stand up.” (192) That night in bed Johnny really got to thinking about those words. He got to
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