Sir Robert Peel's Early Political Career

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Sir Robert Peel Brittany Krenek CJA/214 Sir Robert Peel In any society, if it wishes to survive it will need to develop a system of ensuring that the norms and values are upheld. Throughout the centuries, laws and the systems of justice have changed in many different ways. People known as police were put into place to help maintain order and by enforcing the laws. A gentleman named Sir Robert Peel who was born in Bury, Lancashire would eventually grow up to be an important figure in law enforcement. Peel’s early political career started off with appointments as under-secretary of war and colonies and even chief secretary of Ireland. Peel eventually went on to come home secretary in the year 1822 which led to his creation of the Metropolitan…show more content…
Law enforcement agencies today still patrol the streets with the goal to prevent crimes. Public approval and cooperation were the two principals of effective policing. Peel stated that police should perform duties upon public approval and must secure the cooperation of the public in voluntary observance of the law to maintain the public’s respect (Larrabee, A. 2012). Police need to understand the different cultures which can be accomplished by training and education. Force is another principal used in law enforcement. The use of excessive force has always caused people to mistrust the police. Since it is necessary to have trust from the public, training on the use of force can help ensure that force is only to be used to the extent necessary. Sir Robert Peel’s principals and Community Policing share the same concepts and goals in policing. A main similarity is that preventing crimes is a number one priority. Crime prevention is not just the police’s responsibility but the communities as well because they share ownership, responsibility, and accountability for preventing crimes. When police take time to work with a community they can end up forming a strong relationship when it comes to dealing with crimes. If police want to gain the respect of their community, they must respect all of the different cultures in the neighborhoods they are working in. If officers refuse to respect these people, this can end up leading to distrust in any police force, the loss of credibility, and the inability to be able to work together effectively. In order to learn from past mistakes in community policing, they must examine their past mistakes and correct

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