Leadership In The Criminal Justice System

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Challenges of Leadership in the Criminal Justice System Shawndra Robinson AJS/512 Organizational Administration and Behavior May 9, 2013 Professor Robert Kehoe Abstract In today’s society more than ever leaders within the criminal justice system are under high pressure to be successful at an even higher level of performance. The organization is led by these individuals as well as the staff they supervise is also held to the same standard and level of performance. To be an effective leader of an organization and within the criminal justice system a person…show more content…
This aspect is not just characteristic of the criminal justice system, but in every leadership position. A good leader must be able to listen to the employees they supervise as well as lead those employees. According to David McCallum, “To be a good leader a person must be a good follower also. Thomas Jefferson said, “To do our fellow men the most good in our power, we must lead where we can, follow where we cannot and still go with them, watching always the favorable moment for helping them to another step.” Good leaders surround themselves with people who will “Speak up” and not with “yes” people,” (McCallum, 2009, pg. 3). Leaders must know when to listen and when to lead and not be afraid to do, either. This aspect is present in the criminal justice system in regard to police apprehending criminals based on the “word” of citizens. Police officers possess an authority to the citizens they police; however, a police officer must know when to exert that authority and when to allow the citizens to lead. When this occurs, it is beneficial to both parties, strengthening the relationship between citizens and police…show more content…
An effective leader must possess the ability to communicate effectively with fellow colleagues, but most important those led by the individual. The leader must not only possess effective oral and written communication skills but also interpersonal communication skills. Interpersonal communication is how an individual communications with another individual or many people and includes a message sending and message receiving. This aspect is crucial to the criminal justice system because of the potential for danger that may exist as well as sensitive information passed from person to person. If a leader is lacking in interpersonal communication skills, the message is likely to be misunderstood, causing confusion among those who are following. In regard to the criminal justice system this type of miscommunication could result in the loss of a case, incorrect charges filed, and possible violation of code of ethics. Because the information an individual is in charge of in the criminal justice system often times is so sensitive the lack of interpersonal communication can result in the loss of a leader’s position within the organization. It is the best practice to develop or possess excellent communication skills and interpersonal communications if a leader

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