Basic Components of the Criminal Justice System

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There are three basic components of the criminal justice system. These consist of law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Law enforcement, such as police, has the job of enforcing the laws and controlling crime. The courts include people such as judges and lawyers, who interpret the laws and to prevent crime. Also people that are in corrections are there to maintain justice. These three components of the criminal justice system work together to create punishment for individuals that are proven guilty and help to stop them from committing other crimes, all while maintaining fairness, and keeping the rest of society safe. The basic rights of citizens are affected by criminal law by preventing citizens from doing any and everything they want to do. As citizens of the United States, we already have basic rights that we are awarded with by being born an American citizen. Basic rights are protected by criminal law. Once a person is convicted of committing a crime, those basic rights are taken away. Also, once the crime rate has gone up, or there are too many people doing the same crimes, for example gun violence, our basic rights can be changed and altered, so there are restrictions on the basic rights of citizens. The police and law enforcement systems are required to enforce criminal law. If any citizen tries to misuse his or her basic rights, or take away other citizens, law enforcement is required to take action on it. Individual citizens are empowered by knowing what their rights are because it can protect you from self-incrimination and, keep the criminal justice system from convicting and individual of something they did not do. It can also help you to not get arrested for something you did not do, Knowing what your rights are can also help you know what is criminal from not being criminal, and can keep you out of the criminal justice system. The role of the
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