Two Models/Criminal Process Essay

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Two Models/Criminal Process Ashley Lawrence CJA/364 June 8,2013 Mathew Taylor Two Models/Criminal Process Two models within the criminal justice system play very important roles. One may say that within the political world the two models may even conflict with each other. Crime control model may be more liberal focusing on society and crime, which as for due process is to focus more on a fair opportunity for the one that is accused and many see it as conservative. The 4th, 5th, 6th, and fourteenth amendment all play important roles within the due process model, and the criminal justice system, to make sure everyone is given a fare trial. Due process occurs when fare treatment is given throughout the judicial system. Law enforcement agencies must take into consideration the rights of the individual upon arrest, questioning, and handling. A person is entailed to a notice and also an opportunity to have a fair hearing when he or she has liberty, life, and, or property on the line. The criminal justice system should be given to every person equally, and no discrimination should be followed such as being: handicap, gender, sexual orientation, age, or race. Within the due process one may not be treated cruel, unfair or be given unreasonable treatment. Every accused person is entitled to fair procedures, and the due process applies to the criminal justice system as the trials, parole hearings, and administrative hearings. Due process main goal is to protect the innocent from being wrongfully convicted but may be looked upon as focusing on the rights of the accused and ignoring the rights of the victims. Crime control model is taken back a little and is the complete opposite of Due Process Model, which the crime control model focuses on the initial arrest, prosecution, and the conviction of a criminal. Due process priorities stand with protecting an
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