The Criminal Justice System

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The Criminal Justice System Author Earle Lewis CRJ 100, Professor Douglas 10 Jan 2013 Introduction The Criminal Justice System is defined as “a collection of laws and institutions designed to enforce minimal laws according to a defined set of rules and procedures”. (Schmalleger, 2011, pp16). There are three main components to our present day criminal justice system. Firstly, there are the Police. It is their duties to ensure public safety and maintain order. Secondly, are the Courts, which sentences criminals based on evidence gathered by the Police and Lawyers. Thirdly, are Correctional Institutions, which detains or rehabilitates criminals. The graphic illustration below outlines the Criminal Justice System and its key components: Police The first component is the police, which serve as the gate keepers for the Criminal Justice System. The term police originated from the “Latin word politia” which means civil administrations’’.(Webster’s 2010). The exact duties of this role will vary according to rank and jurisdiction. The role of Law Enforcement officials “shall at all times fulfill the duty imposed on them by law”(Merrian,Webester,2011). This is accomplished by serving their communities and by protecting all persons against illegal acts. They must maintain public order, reduce and prevent crime. The function and purpose of the Police is to maintain public safety, enforce criminal and traffic laws, investigate crimes and provide emergency response in time of need. Police Officer’s main responsibility is to serve as a body of agents organized to maintain civil order and public safety. They enforce the laws and investigate crime. Depending on jurisdiction their core duties can be expanded to the following: Protecting the life and
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