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From the beginning of English 1301, I have gained the appropriate skills and variety of knowledge in writing. I've learned different ways to make my writing effective through techniques taught throughout the semester. From "showing" instead of "telling", interpreting the rhetorical triangle, and using rhetorical devices, I have learned to use all of these skills effectively in my writing. One skill I was able to to use effectively was learning got to "show" instead of "tell". Before this class had began, I was accustomed to writing essays with narrow ideas. Whenever I would write, I would discuss the topic briefly and move on to the next topic. In English 1301, that all changed. I was no longer "telling" the reader events that were occurring. Instead, I was able to describe in detail the actual events that occurred in my life. Also, using action…show more content…
The rhetorical triangle was used when distinguishing between the audience, the issue, and the speaker. In the triangle, the speaker usually found ways to make himself sound credible and trustworthy. The speaker also strived to show their credibility by making an impression on an audience. In order to accomplish this, the speaker must be familiar with his audience and make the appropriate appeals to that audience to get their attention. This was important because without the interest of the audience, the point you were trying to get across was nearly useless. The issue or message of the paper usually consisted of using the subject to try and convince an audience. This could be done through persuasion, explaining, narrating, or informing to an audience. Overall, the rhetorical triangle is important to writing because it gives you a clearer vision of the relationship between the speaker, audience, and issue at hand. With a good understanding of these relationships, it makes both your analysis of a story and your writing more

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