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As I begin to write an essay or even a paper. I get the topic, analyze the topic and get my brain thinking about how to start the topic. Normally the only organization that I do is while I am writing. As I write I think about the things to come, if it doesn’t come to me right away I normally stop and concentrate. I then continue on with my writing. I feel most comfortable writing at a place that I am familiar with. Comfort, a sense of security and quiet, really help me to concentrate. I don’t write well when I am surrounded by multiple conversations, but I can overlook them if I have too. Typically my writing occurs during the day, but sometimes I write at night. Most of the papers and the essays I write are for school. I will write an…show more content…
I don’t mean “hidden” in a bad way, just not something I usually don’t talk about. My writing is on a very specific topic and I try to focus on that topic. If you talk to me in person I can get excited about something and start talking about several things at once. One example that I have to share with you on that topic is: If I see a new car in person and I get to use the features in a first hand experienced. I would start talking about how neat and different they were from what they were told to be. I would talk about the car, the wheels, and even something as small as a sunroof. Cars are something that excites me so I could talk about multiple things. When I have a paper to write it is normally on something that does not interest me that much. So as I write I have to constantly think about what is going on, so that I may complete the task at hand. The teachers in my past have taught writing in many different ways. I can remember some teachers teaching you to write just like them. Those teachers would show you how to outline your topic, show the similarities and the differences, and then state some examples. They would get you to turn the diagrams into a paper. Which I myself find it easier to think about the topic and start writing immediately, it saves time. Also if you just turn the diagrams into a paper, why not just type

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