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What is good writing? A good piece of writing isn’t hard to tell if it is good or bad but it becomes challenging if you have to explain why it is good. Teaching students how to produce an effective piece of writing is the most challenging, therefore having simple phrases to describe the good things writers do makes learning these things simpler. Writing traits is a framework in which good writing is based upon. According to Spandel (2009) it is a vision, a way students and teachers can think and talk about writing. Writing is different from other school subjects. In other school subjects students are suppose to study the same things and many times come up with the same solution. However in writing everyone’s response is suppose to be unique. The only way that this can be accomplished is if students make different choices when they write, choices about the topics they pick, the words they use, details they include and different beginning and ending strategies. The set of different choices students make determines the collective effect they have on their completed writing piece as a writer as well as their readers (Williams, 2009). Therefore it is because of this that I thought that my students can benefit from teaching them the strategies of word choice and voice taken from the Six Trait Writing model, because these strategies are dependant upon each student’s unique personality. The voice is the heart and soul of a piece, the magic, the wit. It is the writer’s unique style and personal expression emerging through words. Voice is the presence of the writer on the page. When the writer’s passion for the topic and concern for the audience are strong, the text dances with life and energy and the reader feels a strong and intimate connection to both the writing and the writer (Williams, 2010). Word choice is the use of rich colorful precise language that moves and

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