Secondhand Smoke Persuasive Research Paper

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| | | Infants and children are not old enough to tell their guardians what they can and can’t do around them. Their needs to be policies that the government needs to over think that protect the health of these innocent infants and children that have no say. Just like there was a ban on smoking in public restaurants or 15 feet from a restaurant entrance, there needs to be a ban on smoking in a vehicle with children in the car. Secondhand smoke leads to many health problems that could have been prevented. | | Imagine that while growing up your parents or guardian always smoked cigarettes around you. Imagine that every time you sat in the car or walked in the house they light one up. Then, by the age of 45 you were diagnosed with…show more content…
It affects children much worse. An infant or child around secondhand smoke is more likely to be put in intensive care when they have the flu or have any other sickness. They are also more likely to be required to have breathing tubes and to stay in the hospital longer than an infant or child that is not exposed to secondhand smoke. It is not fair for a child to suffer because of another’s bad habit. It is safe to say that no amount of secondhand smoke is acceptable for a child to be around. We need to get more information out to the public and show the effects it has on not just their child but all children around. One inhale of side stream smoke can kill. Our government has banned smoking cigarettes in buildings such as restaurants so why not make a ban on smoking cigarettes in vehicles or around children…show more content…
"Public Issue- Secondhand Smoke." Personal interview. 11 Apr. 2014. 708-446-4375 You were given freedom to choose the direction of your topic, so you chose to write about this—why? I chose the topic of secondhand smoke because as a child I remember always complaining to my mom how I hated the smoke around me. It would always make me feel weird and nausea and cough. It hit home for me so I thought I would have a good voice throughout this paper. Avoid the urge to exaggerate—what did you learn about your process as a writer while working on this paper? If the honest answer is “nothing,” then tell me why that is. I learned how to state more quotes from different sources throughout this paper. I also, learned how to include an interview. Actually two. I should learn something new when I read your paper—any ideas what that might be? If your answer is “nothing,” give me an honest reason why I should invest my time in your paper. I think you will learn a lot of new information. I given a lot throughout my paper that could educate a lot of people on knowledge that im sure they did not know. I think you will get done reading this paper and learn a lot more about the effects on children from secondhand

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