Eating Habits Essay

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Social habits can be a make or break point in a group of people. Bad habits can be considered as disgusting, gross, and unacceptable, whereas good social habits can be considered acceptable and polite. This all depends on the type of group that is at hand. Restaurants are a perfect place to observe good and bad social eating habits, as well as other social habits that go along with eating. People eat according to learned behaviors regarding etiquette, meal and snack patterns, acceptable foods, food combinations, and portion sizes. Etiquette refers to acceptable behaviors. For example, for some groups it is acceptable to lick one's fingers while eating, while for other groups this is rude behavior. This applies to certain foods such as hot wings or chicken legs, where it is acceptable to eat with your fingers. On the other hand, it is not acceptable to eat other foods such as corn, peas, mashed potatoes, and soup, with your fingers. Bad eating habits can also lead to obesity. Binging is one of the top contributors to obesity in America today. Eating a lot of processed foods instead of eating 5 to 6 meals a day that are high in nutrition can lead to your body storing more fat than you're burning. Before and after binging comes starvation. Skip breakfast and your body has been "starving" for 12 to 18 hours resulting in over-eating again and causing your body to store much of the food as fat, as it can not burn it all for

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