Promote Equal Opportunities In Health And Social Care Essay

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Task 4 How is anti-discriminatory practise promoted in health and social care? Equal Opportunities! It's not about treating everybody the same - it's actually about treating people differently so they are able to have the same opportunities and to be treated with dignity and respect. An example of equal opportunities, in my placement, if I had a service user who cannot feed themselves you would give them their lunch and they could carry on and eat themselves. But if someone else can't feed themselves then you would help them to eat their lunch. So you are treating these two people differently, but giving them both the opportunity to have lunch and their needs are met. Also, if somebody else was vegetarian, then you would provide them with a vegetarian lunch too meet their needs. You are treating the service users differently too, but giving them the same opportunities to eat what they want, however it's also giving them dignity and respect. It would be bad practise and discriminatory to put a lunch in front of somebody who…show more content…
An example of this is if you are an individual and you follow the Muslim faith you will need to make sure that halal meat is on the menu and they should have a designated place where they can go and pray if they want too if not the service user may feel like he/she is not welcome and their confidence may be lowered. Another example of active support is a resident with a wide range of needs because they have a wide range of disabilities, this includes physical and mental disabilities the service provider will have to make sure that their needs are met and their preferences are met on all aspects of their care to make sure they all their needs are met. The service user may need an advocate to voice what they want; the main forms of support

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