Does College Cost Too Much?

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Does College Cost Too Much? Is a student wrong for going to a community college? Why is it that when a student goes to any college or university they are judged financially by where they attended? Is not a school, just a school? Students feel ashamed of what school they go to because their friends can afford to go to a “better” school. Instead of students being able to go wherever they please, they must remain in a school they can afford financially. It is said that back during the 80’s school was very affordable to attend. So why is it that now in present time, a university is so hard to get into? I believe it is because of money and competitions of universities. As soon as a rival university sets their price higher the other universities sets their price higher as well. Universities used to have the government help them financially but that help has reduced a great amount and the competition to get students has greatly increased. Schools are trying to build a better foundation for students to attend but with money being spent to make the university “look better” the price to attend goes higher. With the economy being so hard right now to get a “good” enough job to be able to afford to go to a major university is hard I think that many students should make their own business. This occupation will show students about the value of money, they will learn about management and they can choose to work when they please. It would be great if students earned cash by selling themselves or what is known as prostitution. Prostitution is a very lucrative business, many prostitutes already make thousands of dollars a night. Since a majority of students are already sexually active, now they can actually earn money for what they do. Since the economy is so bad there are not enough jobs for people let alone college students who want part-time jobs. With this occupation many will
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