Did Slavery Destroy The Black Family Essay

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“Did Slavery Destroy the Black Family?” Slavery in the USA had a large impact on all Afro-American population, which inhabited the country at that time. This impact can be still felt nowadays, as the consequences of such a relationship between the whites and the blacks are immense. Common opinion on the modern institute of black family is rather negative, stating that the black families are not so morally developed as the white ones. Although, there is a large number of single-parent black families living in the USA, however, the number of white single-parent families is not smaller. In order to understand the problems that black families face it is necessary to analyze the development of black families throughout the history. There is no doubt that family relations used to be very different when black people lived in Africa before they had been brought to the USA as slaves in the 19th century. There is no proof that something changed in the mentality of Afro-Americans that could have impacted their family life, however, there are a lot of evidences proving that slavery, under which Afro-Americans lived for decades, affected the black family in a negative way. As it has been mentioned…show more content…
Some of the women who were involved into sexual relations with their owners gave birth to children, but such facts did not help the women and their children to get free, instead, slave owners would sell away such women, giving them no chance to see their families again. Sexual exploitation had another very serious impact on black families, as men, husbands, could not protect their wives from being involved into sexual relationship with slave owners. Women could be sexually harassed or raped by their owners, while nobody could protect them, because all slaves were punished severely for even the smallest faults they
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