Slavery; Relations Between the Black and White Man

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Slavery; Relations between the Black and White Man When looking upon American history in its entirety, there is a dark stain that spreads for a good chunk of the whole, starting almost from the beginning. Slavery, a word that doesn’t give enough justice to its name, a word that puts a bad taste in your mouth even though the people of today have never lived through its cruelty. Slavery may have started out as the selling of white European servants who came to America seeking a better life, but this is not the slavery that I speak off. The slavery that I speak off is the more vicious aspect of the word that grew out of that beginning. This slavery is by far one of the more difficult subjects to look upon when discussing American history and its influences. Slavery shaped this nation, for bad and for good, and this country would not be the same without this dark stain that influenced so much. Yes it was a terrible thing that went on in this country for years, but good did come out of it. It may have taken time, even after slavery was abolished, but it started a movement that changed the world and the rights of all people, of all races, to come. Most people don’t realize that slavery didn’t start in the United States, it was actually started sometime in the 16th century, but the first Africans were sold in Jamestown around 1619. These people were brought over in huge disease ridden ships, with hardly any food or water, stuffed next to one another, unable to move for days upon weeks. They were then sold to the white man, a life of threats and beatings, forced to work and to reproduce to increase profits on the white’s so called free labor. Africans were tossed into the white plantation owner’s fields, farming products the ranged from tobacco to cotton, even farmed foods such as corn, rice, and sugar cane, depending on the region they were in. Most of these slaves

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