Nature and Intensity of Racial Discrimination in the Usa (19 & 20 Century)

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Racism is like a disease, it is capable of spreading and infesting people’s minds and like any other illness, this needs to be cured. African-Americans in the USA have suffered racism immensely since the very beginning and have been trying to fight against discrimination and injustice for a very long time, in fact some still are. Blacks were classified as second-class citizens, especially since the Americans gained an upper hand from their quest for independence. Although we do not face discrimination to that extent today, the process of getting here and overcoming discrimination was long and definitely not easy for the racially oppressed groups. The inhuman nature of racism against the African-Americans back in the 19th and 20th century is definitely seen as a dark part of America’s history. The institution of slavery from the Europeans back in the early 1600s to the settlement of white population in America, would be the most prominent and notable form of American racism, during which Africans were enslaved and treated as property. As the United States grew, so did the institution of slavery in the southern states, while the northern states began to abolish it resulting in a “war between the states” . After the Civil War, several draconian laws were inflicted that severely prejudiced the black community, and although civil rights for African-Americans were considered, the status of blacks never improved. Their image appeared to be subservient and inferior to the whites as they were not “naturalised” citizens, meaning they could play no part in voting, owning properties serving on juries, or holding offices. Even when slavery ended, the Jim Crows laws imposed great prejudice as there were a series of state and national laws enacted that segregated all public facilities for the whites and the blacks, keeping African-Americans oppressed. Racist attacks against the
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