Women Viewed as “Domestic Slaves” Essay

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September 6, 2013 Women Viewed as “Domestic Slaves” In the Mexican culture, women are viewed as “domestic slaves” and not as housewives. Mexican women that are usually viewed as domestic slaves are abused emotionally and physically without any repercussions. Women are expected to work, cook, serve meals, care for their family, and obey their fathers’ or husbands’ demands. If woman were not to obey the demands or orders of her husband or father, she would have to deal with being physically and emotionally abused. She would also be afraid to report any abuse because of possible consequences. Women that are viewed as domestic slaves have very limited freedom to do what they want, but yet they do not want to break from the cycle and make their own decisions. Women, have no real desire of their own, serving as a channel of the male desire and not as an equal partner in the sexual reputation. The view that the Mexican culture has towards women as “domestic slaves” has to be abandoned because women are human beings and have equal rights and should have the freedom to make their own choices. In the Mexican culture, women that are viewed as domestic slaves are usually abused physically and emotionally without repercussions because of a male dominated culture. Women are abused physically if they do not do their cleaning around the house or if they do not make a decent meal for their husband. Fear might be a woman’s first and most immediate feeling during or after a beating. The longer she puts up with the abuse and does nothing to avoid or prevent it, the less she likes herself. Not only are women abused physically, but also emotionally. Women that are abused emotionally are always usually called names such as ugly and fat by their husbands’ because their husbands only see them as domestic slaves and not as their
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