American Black’S Were Victim Of Racism And Segregation

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The American blacks were victims of racism, segregation, discrimination and furthermore poverty in their community. They were neglected by the government. Nonetheless, they were neglected by fought for their rights and equality. The black people in America had their own separate communities away from the whites, because they were neglected by white people and the government. For instant they couldn’t vote in their country. Black people were neglected by the police and didn’t have their support. They were victims of police brutality. Even though they had been through so much and they had suffered a lot. Black people in America had still hope for the future. the black people in America stood up for their rights and fought for their freedom. They developed brotherhood and love, and didn’t lose hope. The thing which was really unacceptable for them was their failure to enjoy their basic rights, like other people, even though they lived in their country. the black people in America suffered from the police interference in their lives and were even imprisoned even though they were not guilty. It is obvious that every human being has dreams. Martin Luther King had a dream too, which was seeing the world in peace and having equality rule the world. He dreamt about having brotherhood and seeing black and whites “sit down together at the tale of brotherhood”. To conclude, black people all over the world, wherever they live were for a long time victim of racism for their skin color. People treated them badly only because they had a darker skin color, forgetting that that we are all humans and the color of our skins an where we come from doesn’t indicate our personalities and beliefs. Black in America suffered a lot for reason of racism and went through the hard ships and difficulties
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