Explain The Motives For The Civil Rights Movement

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Julie Huynh English/History February 29, 2012 Word Count: 449 The Civil Rights Movement The African-American civil rights movement was an act trying to get rid of the racial oppression in America. This movement wanted to win equal rights for African Americans. In the 1900s, racism against African Americans was very popular among cultures. White Americans would not share the rights that they had with the African Americans; instead, they put more labor and burden upon the African Americans’ shoulders. Because of this, the African Americans had many motives for the start of the Civil Rights Movement. Their motives were to gain their freedom, win their rights, and to be rid of racism. One of the motives for the Civil Rights Movement was to gain their freedom. The African Americans, at first, had no freedom. The white Americans treated them as…show more content…
Back in this point of time, the people were separated because of their race. The white Americans did not like the African Americans. They treated them as slaves, wouldn’t let them have their rights, and treated them differently than they do with each other. As an example, the white Americans did not even want to come close with an African American. They were demanded to stay apart from the white Americans. Others would not give employment of jobs to African Americans; they would hire white Americans only. (www.shsu.edu/.../Racism%20and%20the%20Civil%20Rights%20Mo) The African Americans’ motives were to gain their freedom, win their rights, and to be rid of racism. These tremendous motives gave them a reason for a civil rights movement. Because of their pains and burdens, they were willing to fight for it. Even though they did not gain their rights immediately, they still kept persevering. African Americans are just like white Americans. They try to fight for what they believe in. From that comparison, what really is the difference between African Americans and white
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