Discrimination In African American Society

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Throughout history America has been seen as the land of opportunities and freedom. Its society is structure so that everyone has the same opportunities and the same chance to achieve the American dream, but as we all know that’s really the idealistic theory. In reality how our society is truly structured is that people with abundance in social capital and economical capital get better opportunities; as oppose to the less gifted. When looking at who gets what in society we tend to focus on race, there is where we see the gaps that separate our social classes. The majority who belong to the lower class, are ethnics groups that have a history of immigrating to the US and having trouble conforming to society. These groups consist of African Americans,…show more content…
Brought as slaves to American they have a long period of struggle to gain equality and social acceptance. They were deprived from any rights, were treated like animals and yet where expected to cope with society. Through the long struggles of many anti-segregation activists African Americans slowly but surely became to claim their rights not only as citizens but as human beings in this world. With the Civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr. I Have a Dream speech it gave rise to many hopes and opportunities that allowed African Americans gain their rights and their position in society. Although we do not see racism to its fullest nowadays, we still see some sorts of prejudice amongst African Americans. In certain situations they are denied employment solely because the color of their skin or the fact that they are not qualified with certain perquisites, which most of the time are associated with the level of education and experiences obtained. Although at the same time we see successful African Americans that have excelled and become prosperous, they are only a small fragment of the African American community. But as a result of our history African Americans are frown upon and look as inferiors that as a result prevent them from achieving any sort of economical or social gain in our
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