How Far Do You Agree That the Black Power Achieved Little for Black American

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How far do you agree that the black power achieved little for black Americans Some of the thing that the black power movement wanted to achieve was self sufficiency to reinforce black culture and to have independence from white people, they did this through a variety of different ways and allot of their campaigns involved violent protests however they saw it as self defence. However whether they were successful in their actions is debatable. One way in which they achieved their aims was with the creation of the Black Panthers. Their main aims were to organise the working class black community improve the conditions in the northern ghettos and implement a 10 point program they had made. They had many different methods of doing this such as patrol the pigs, liberation schools and president elections. It can be argued that they failed to achieve its aims as a member of the black panthers ran for president and received 0.15% of the vote which had no impact on the black community. However the black panthers where a success to a large extent because for their 'free breakfast for children' campaign they would feed 10000 children a day. Furthermore lots of liberations schools were set up these were of big significance because it gave black people a sense of who they were and educated them on their past. it gave the meaning and identity which they had lost when racism was at its height. As a result people were more proud and independent. Overall the black panther party were very successful however this was only a small division of the black power movement. so therefore as a whole the black panthers had minimal success. However it can be argued that they achieved a lot as they helped give black people their identify back a key thing that they wanted to achieve. Furthermore another reason why they achieved little is because during the mid 1960's black power movements became
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