Discrimination In Today's Society

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Discrimination: Still Present Today In today’s society discrimination is a particularly controversial issue. From the end of the 19th century, women’s growth of education, and demands for greater equality of opportunity has increased.[1] The Gender Discrimination Act in 1975 prohibits discrimination against a certain gender in areas of employment.[2] Another highly debatable topic is amount of ethnic minority in the media and its visible under representation as well as stereotypes in news. Minorities use to be slaves, and had very little status in society, but that status was built up to the point where there now suppose to be equals. Although, many feel inferior to these immigrants therefore they discriminate against them through gender, age, religion and race. Despite the promotion of equality there are still many types of discrimination in today’s society. Discrimination visibly occurs in the workplace as well as in the mass media. Why are their still forms of discrimination in today’s society? There are still forms of discrimination in today’s society because of societies up-bringing. How people are raised and what community they live in plays a big factor in they treat others. If a society promotes equality then the chances of visible discrimination are less likely. There are still forms of discrimination in today’s society because throughout society, discrimination still exists primarily due to the projection of the mass media. However, a secondary cause includes the persistent increase for immigrants with the significant decrease of occupants. Firstly, it took many years for women to be considered equal with men, however due to the media, the value of women is being degraded. Women are once again being portrayed as objects even after the feminine revolution of 1970.[3] “Society has created an
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