Development for Children and Young People from Birth to 19

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MAIN STAGES OF CHILD AND YOUNG PERSON DEVELOPMENT The expected pattern of children and young adults developments from birth to 19 years are broken into different areas. It is important to remember each child is unique and will develop at different rates and in their own way. Areas of development are broken into 3 different areas. These include: COMMUNICATION AND INTELLECTUAL * Developing creative and imaginative skills * Using skills in different ways * Using language to explain reasoning * Problem solving * Decision making SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIOURAL * Taking turns * Co-operating with others * Developing social skills * Developing self–esteem and self-expression * Learning about the feelings of others PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT * Fine motor skills: using smaller muscles (writing, threading, painting and drawing * Gross motor skills: using larger muscles (running, jumping, hoping, skipping and balance) * General coordination * Hand-eye coordination PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT 0-3 YEARS When children are first born they have little control over their bodies. They will show a series of reflexes such as grasping or sucking. They need these to survive. Over the next 12 months they will develop more control and eventually should improve mobility such as rolling or crawling. In the next 12 months babies will quickly develop and most children will start to take steps onto walking. They are also able to control their movement. They will start to climb, on furniture and might even venture to the stairs. They will also be able to point and hold small objects which enables them to play with toys, and start to hold small food samples which will let them experiment in feeding themselves. As they move into their 3rd year they will be more adventurous and start to walk and run around. They will be
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