Describe the Expected Pattern of Children and Young Peoples Development from Birth to 19 Years to Include

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Describe the expected pattern of children and young peoples development from birth to 19 years to include * physical * communication/ interlectual * social and emotional behaviour. The extended pattern of a child and young person’s development between the ages of 0-19 years come under 3 milestones. These milestones are physical development, communication and intellectual development and social and emotional behaviour. Physical development. When a child is born they are physically active they will be trying to lift their heads up kicking and waving their arms about. Being physically active will continue into adulthood. Between the ages of 0-3 years a child will learn and continue to learn physical things like lifting their head sitting up and crawling then walking and running. 0-9months a new born will sleep much of the time and will grow fast. They will be trying to lift there heads up and will be kicking and waving their arms about and will be becoming more alert.will now support their own head and will be rolling about they will beging to sit with support and will now start to use the Palmer grasp and pincer grasp.9-18 months they will now be holding a cup and trying to feed themselfs and will be more mobile climbing stairs with supervision but will need help to get back down. They will need a safe environment in which they can explore as they become increasingly more mobile.18 months to 2 years at this age they will have started to use the potty but may have difficulty in staying clean and dry.there fine motor skills have improved they will be able to build block towers and will bend down to pick things up they will be trying to run but will have difficultly in stopping . At the age of 2-3 they will be ables to come down the stairs one step at a time they will also now be climbing well on apparatus and kick a ball, learn to jump and maybe somersault.
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