Ocr Level 2 Unit 1 Child and Young Person Development Essay

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Unit 1 – Child and Young Person Development Children typically go through certain stages of development around the same time. The time frame is quite broad as children will individually develop at different times (some may advance in particular areas or be a late developer) but on average they will experience the same milestones at around the same time. There are three main areas of development Physical – Small and large muscle control, co ordination and physical fitness ➢ Fine motor skills (writing, threading, painting and drawing) ➢ Gross motor skills (running, jumping, hopping, skipping, balance) ➢ General co-ordination ➢ Hand-eye coordination Social, emotional and behavioural – Make and keep social relationships with adults and other children. Learning to recognize and express their own feelings more effectively. Gaining experience understanding and responding to the emotions of others. ➢ Co-operating with others ➢ Learning about the feelings of others ➢ Taking in turns/sharing ➢ Developing social skills ➢ Developing self-esteem and self-expression Communication and intellectual – Expressing themselves and understanding what others say, reading and writing. ➢ Decision making ➢ Developing creative and imaginative skills ➢ Using language to explain reasoning ➢ Using skills in different ways ➢ Problem solving 1.1 Expected pattern of children and young peoples development from birth to 19 |Ages |Physical Development |Social, emotional and behavioural development |Communication and intellectual development | |(Years) | | |
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