Unit 1 Task 1.1 Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth-19 Years

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Task 1. There are 4 different development types in which each individual experiences before they reach adulthood; physical development, intellectual development, language development and social and emotional development. Physical development begins before an individual is even born but the development really begins as soon as they are born. By 6 months of age an infant can usually turn their heads to the sounds of familiar words and voices and smile, they will also be able to hold and shake objects such as a rattle when they are introduced to play objects. By age 1 they will have developed more detail in what they can see so will be able to tell the difference between given food and given a play toy. They are also much more independent as beings and should be able to sit alone and will begin pushing themselves off of objects into a standing position but their balance will not sufficient enough for them to be walking just yet. This however, will develop further over the next year because by age 2 most infants will be able to walk and will be feeding themselves. They will also have begun making marks on paper and will begin to show their preferred hand. At this age they will also enjoy picture book as being read to. When listening to the stories, they will use the pictures to help them understand the story better and will often point to things on the page which indicates that they are following the storyline. By age 3 standing and walking is not an issue for the child and their balance is greatly improved so they can do a variety of activities such as kicking a ball and building larger brick towers. They will also begin drawing shapes and patterns and will be able to participate in activities such as threading beads on laces which greatly helps develop their hand-I-coordination. At age 4 the rate of development has
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