Describe the Expected Pattern of Children and Young People's Development from Birth to 19 Years, to Include: Physical Development Communication and Intellectual Development Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development

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0 to 3 years is a period of fast physical development. When born babies have very little control over their bodies. They have primitive reflexes such as sucking, grasping and rooting. Their head control is unsteady, but they will grasp at objects when they touch the palms of their hands. As they progress up to 12 months they will learn to watch movements of their own hands, they will be able to roll over, sit with support, sit without support, reach out for toys when sitting, and crawl or shuffle along the floor. By 12 months most babies will be able to stand alone, or walk by holding on this is known as cruising. Children will also start to show their preferred hand, they will pick up things from the floor with a pincer grip. Children will start to kick and throw balls, walk with thier parent holding their hand downstairs. In the second year most children will start to walk on their own, they will enjoy climbing on furniture, walking up and down the stairs. In this year of development they will start to use their preferred hand. children will start to feed themselves, and attempt to dress themselves. By the third year they will be able to walk and run more confidently, and should now be able to feed themselves and use cups. They will start to expolre toys, and be able to pedal a bicycle with stabilisers, they will have more control holding and using crayons to draw and turn pages in a book. During the years of 3 to 7 years, children will be growing in confidence, they can also carry out more coordinated movements.A child’s fine motor skills may include; putting together a 12 piece jigsaw and are able to button and unbutton their own clothes. They will have more control with their writing they will learn to form letters and some may be capable of writing their name; drawing and cutting skills. some children will be able to use the toilet alone, play
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