022- Understand Child and Young Person Development

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Unit 4227-022 Understand child and young person development. 1.1 Explain the sequence rate of each aspect of development from birth o 19 years. Children will develop at different rates and in many different ways, although the sequence of how they develop is relatively the same, for example, babies tend to sit up before they crawl, and crawl before they walk. Physical development Birth-12months: Within weeks of birth, young babies will begin smiling, and responding to sounds around them, babies from 6 months will start to sit up and crawl, enjoy new tastes and textures of foods and use their hand eye coordination to hold onto objects. 1-2 years: Children will begin walking and toys will start to be pushed/pulled along whilst walking (often to support with walking) Objects will be picked up and banged together or built to make a small tower. A preference for one hand may start to appear as they begin to hold tools such as paintbrushes.They enjoy trying to feed themselves both with finger foods and with cutlery, and will drink from a cup using both hands. 2-3 years: Holding tools to mark make will become easier, a child is able to kick and throw (e.g a ball) and an understanding of toileting will be apparent. 3-4 years: Children will be able to use the toilet with no more use of nappies during the day time, dressing/undressing will be easier and use of muscles will be shown through climbing,catching,jumping,skipping etc. Children will begin to draw pictures of family, friends and everyday situations (Usually people being represented by circles or lines) 5-6 years: Children will be able to draw numbers letters and practice writing their name. Children will also be able to ride a bike (with stabilizers) and show increased confidence when climbing/playing outside. 7-8 years: Children are now able to play as a team, they form friendships. Children can also use
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