Children's Physical Development 0-19 Years

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Physical Development 0-1Years: Gross Motor: * Crawling, bear walking, bottom-shuffling or even walking. * The baby can sit up on their own and lean forward to pick up things. * The baby may crawl upstairs and onto low items of furniture. The baby may now be able to follow simple instructions, e.g. kiss teddy. They will also start to speak English-speaking contexts such as mumma, dadda and bye-bye. Intellectual development: * The baby starts to develop images and will remember the past. * The baby may be able to anticipate the future and also give an understanding of their usual daily routine. Emotional and social developments: * The baby enjoys songs and action rhythms. * The baby still likes to be near…show more content…
The child can think of the feelings of others. The child can take responsibility. E.g. in helping younger children. EIGHT TO ELEVEN YEARS: GROSS MOTOR SKILLS * From eight to nine years; * The child can ride a bicycle. * The child has increased strength and coordination. The child plays energetic games and sports. * From ten to eleven years; * Children differ in physical maturity. Girls experience puberty earlier than do boys and are often as much as two years ahead of them. Fine motor skills: * The child can control his or her small muscles well and has improved writing and drawing skills. The child can draw people with details of clothing and facial features. The child is starting to join letters to together in handwriting. Reference=63 HOLISTIC DEVELOPMEN FROM EIGHT TO ELEVEN YEARS (CONT.): * Communication and language development. * From eight to nine years; * The child uses and understands complex sentences. * The child is increasingly verbal and enjoys making up stories and telling jokes. From ten to eleven years; * The child can write fairly lengthy essays. the child writes stories that show imagination and are increasingly legible and grammatically correct From eight to nine
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