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Optional unit understand the process and experience of dementia. 1.1 Describe a range of causes of dementia syndrome. The causes of dementia vary however all are irreversible changes that have occurred in the brain. The most common causes are called neurodegenerative diseases; these include Alzheimer's, front temporal and Lewy body disease. These diseases cause the brain cells degenerate and die more quickly than the normal ageing process. This leads to a decline in a person's mental and physical abilities. Vascular dementia is caused when the blood flow is restricted or stopped, the brain cells will begin to die, resulting in brain damage. The vessels narrow when fatty deposits build up on the blood vessel walls, restricting the flow of blood. This can be more common in people who have high blood pressure, type 1 diabetes and those who smoke. Also If someone has a stoke it can damage brain cells. However not everyone who has had a stroke will go on to develop vascular dementia. Other less common causes of dementia can be things such as head injuries that can cause memory loss, brain tumours and alcohol abuse which is the cause of korsikof dementia. 1.2 describe the types of memory impairement commonely experienced by individuals with dementia. Individuals who are living with dementia are found to commonely suffer from short term memory loss. Which can affect the brain from remembering recent events. It can also affect the way individuals communicate as speech can often be affected as well as the ability to retain information. Other basic functioning skills that may be affected can be the ability to understand instructions as well as completing basic day to day tasks such as washing dressing and preparing meals. As well as affecting the brain it can also affect the bodies’ mobility as the brain is no longer unable to send messages as it normally would. 1.3
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