Dementia Awareness Essay

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Dementia Awareness Unit 237 Dementia is a condition which is the gradual loss of brain function, this also makes it degenerative. It can include symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, problems with speech and understanding. Dementia at the moment has no cure, as it has a number of diseases that coincide with it. Alzheimer’s is part of dementia. Functions that are affected by dementia are; Short term Memory loss, Language skills, the ability to interpret information, spatial skills, judgement and attention. These are all affected with the different types of dementia due to which part of the brain is affected. Depression, Delirium and age related memory impairment may be mistaken for dementia as the individual may present with similar signs and symptoms to dementia. To ensure weather these conditions are dementia or not a full assessment needs to be carried out by a qualified doctor. The medical model of dementia sees dementia as being degenerative with no cure. It concentrates on disease process not the individual by treating the disease and not recognising to need to shift the focus from measuring medical declines to restoring quality of life. The social model of dementia focuses on the capability of the individual, not the incapability. The social model also values the quality of life and to value the individuals’ personality. Dementia can be viewed as a disability as the individuals can still carry out the ability of daily activities of daily living depending on how they are affected. A full assessment should then be carried out, followed by an action plan of how to meet each individuals’ needs, can be met, well promoting independence. Each person should be involved in the choices for their care or support. Common causes of dementia are, damage to the brain, this can be caused by a few different manners, strokes, trauma to the head, cancer,

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