Dementia Awareness Essay

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Dementia Awareness Understand what dementia is. 1) Dementia is where there is a decline of the brain and its abilities, it is caused when the brain is damaged by disease, for example, Alzheimer’s disease, damage to the brain or a series of strokes. There are several types of dementia these include, vascular, Alzheimer’s, lewy bodies, fronto-temporal. 2) Areas affected by dementia are memory loss, speed of thinking, mental agility, language, understanding and judgement. 3) Other conditions such as depression and delirium both have similar symptoms as dementia. Memory loss can just be a result of ageing, however it is also a symptom of dementia. Understand key features of the theoretical models of dementia. 2.1) The medical model of dementia focuses on the dementia itself. For example it focuses on which type of dementia it is and how it can be treated. 2.2) The social model of dementia focuses on the individual person and their feelings, preferences and needs rather than the dementia itself. 2.3) Treating dementia as a disability allows you to think about how you can adapt the care to meet the different needs of each person with dementia. This helps you to think of a person with dementia as an individual first and then you to help them with anything where the dementia disables them. It is important to encourage to maintain independence. Know the most common types of dementia and their causes. 3.1) The most common causes of dementia are neurodegenerative disease where the brain cells die more quickly than normal which leads to a decline in the persons mental and physical abilities. Dementia can be caused by strokes, brain damage, old age, or it can be hereditary. 3.2) Symptoms of Alzheimer’s; Becoming more confused and forgetful, Mood swings, Becoming withdrawn due to loss of confidence, Having difficulty completing every

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