Dangers of Fast Food

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Dangers of Fast Food General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the Danger of Fast Food. Central Idea: Fast food is the number one reason some American are obese. Introduction I. Many people consume fast food on a daily bases disregarding the fact that fast food lack many nutrients. II. People who eat fast food regularly are unhealthy and obese. III. Fast food is convenient for people. (Transition: Now let’s talk about some benefits of fast food) Body I. Fast food is affordable and readily available for consumers. A. Fast food is pre-cooked and is served to you faster. B. Consuming fast food is also an affordable choice to satisfy your hunger on the go. C. Ultimately, Fast food saves you the time it takes for cooking a healthy meal or waiting on a restaurant that prepares healthy meals. (Transition: Now let’s talk about the dangers of Fast food) II. Eating fast food can lead to obesity and diminish (weaken) your health. A. Fast foods are proven to have high levels of saturated fats. Also fast foods are high in calories and sugars. Fast foods such as pizza, French fries and burgers do not have the right nutrients and carbohydrates that your body needs. B. Fast food can cause fatigue, decreased energy levels and diminishing the brain’s functionality. C. According to the FAO obesity has risen 14% in 1978 to 31%in 2001. D. Worldwide, people spend a huge amount of their money on low nutrition food such as fast foods. E. People disregard the fact that fast food lack many nutrients and they put themselves at risk of deteriorating (worsening) their health. Statistic show shows that people are becoming increasingly obese because of fast food consumption. III. If you find yourself feeling drowsy and weak the cause of that might be fast food. A. How would you feel if you

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