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Leah Swift Level 3: CYP 3.1 – 2.2 Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors. * Poverty and Deprivation - this affects children and their families in a variety of ways. A poor diet can affect growth, behaviour and development. Inadequate housing can affect health and play opportunities. Lack of Education opportunities can affect life outcomes as can a lack of play and leisure access as this can affect cognitive and other areas of development. Poverty can lead low expectations and reduced motivation resulting is low aspirations in life. * Family environment and background - some parents are not able to cope so well and this can affect children’s development. Depression, drug-taking and alcoholism are a few examples of conditions that could contribute to a parent’s inability to fulfil their parenting role easily. Most families will suffer stresses from time to time e.g. a family member becoming ill or losing their job, some of these issues are temporary but others are more permanent such as living with a long-term illness/disability. In some cases a family unit and can be broken by a separation of parents or a lone parent entering into a new relationship, these stresses can have a definite effect on a child’s development. * Personal choices - this has more merit in older children as they have more independence in making decisions in everyday life such as not to smoke, drink and have sex. The wrong decision can have a detrimental effect on development e.g. taking drugs such as Cannabis can interfere with the healthy growth of a brain. Another example could be the result of a pregnancy at a young age as this could affect their education but also in can affect the babies as some young girls are not fully developed enough to have a safe childbirth (this is more common in developing countries). * Looked
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