Analyse Key Social Economic And Environmental Factors Which Influence Development Essay

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1. Summarise the main development of a child from the age range 0-2 years, 3-5 years and 5-8 years. Children are unique individuals and develop at their own rate (Kamen 2008:59). Physical Development A baby will lie on its back from birth up to three months. From 3 months onwards the baby will begin to start lifting his head, kicking and grasping objects. From 9 moths onwards babies are crawling, rolling and might start walking unaided. At the age of one most babies are able to stand by holding themselves on furniture. At two years children are able to walk, run, through and kick a ball. At five children engage in a wide range of physical activities with more confidence and their drawings will resemble real objects. At 8 years a child will be able to ride a bicycle unaided. Intellectual Development From birth a baby will start focusing on objects inches away from them, listening to…show more content…
Analyse key social, economic and environmental factors, which may influence development. Love is a key social factor that may influence development. The absence of love in a child’s life can be visible in the child appearance. Children whose hair might has not been washed for a number of days or who are wearing the same filthy clothes everyday will show signs of poor hygiene and not being care for properly. Children who are not loved will find it difficult in the future to make long lasting friendships. Children will feel isolated and unhappy. It is important that children are loved and care for properly. A key economic factor that may influence development is unemployment. Parents who are on low income might have children wearing clothes that are too small for them. Children might have to stay indoors most of the time because their parents cannot afford to take them out to the shops, cinema or restaurants. These children might end up becoming shop lifters in order to have quick access to things that children from wealthier family’s background can get
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