Cyp 3.11 Essay

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Isabel Kinsley CYP 3.1 2.1/3.2/3.3 There are many factors which can affect a child’s development both positively and negatively. These include: Health status Disability Sensory impairment Depending on how healthy the child is can have a big impact on the child’s development. For example a child with bad health or medical conditions is likely to miss a lot of school for medical appointments or general illness and are therefore more likely to fall behind at school. Children with a learning difficulty or a disability often don’t get the help ad support they need. Often children with disabilities or learning disabilities need extra support to achieve their potential. Another factor that could affect child with disabilities development is that sometimes they are subjected to prejudice or discrimination at school, therefore they get treated differently to the other children. A child or young person with either a sigh impairment or a hearing impairment is going to have a big impact on there development. A child with a hearing impairment is likely to feel isolated and feel that they can’t join in with activities or games. A child with sight impairment is unable to learn by watching and copying either peers or teachers. A child with any sensory impairment may need longer to get used to their surroundings. 2.2 There are also lots of external factors that are likely to affect the child’s development. These include; Poverty ad deprivation The Family environment and background The child’s care status/ looked after care Children from wealthy families are more likely to achieve better rather than children from poorer families. This is often because parents from poorer backgrounds are less likely to meet the child’s educational needs. Often children’s parents from poorer families have no jobs or jobs with minimal skills in, therefore don’t have
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