Understand How to Support Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People

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Victoria Byrne Unit 30 Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people A social factor affects how a young person integrates with a community or how they behave and think in social situations. Some social factors include: Personal choice of the family to live their life in a different way that may not be understood in the wider community. Such as a family practising polygamy, other families in the community might not understand the family situation and make unfair judgements. This affects the life chances of the young people because they will get used to being outside of society and find it difficult to ask for help outside of the family unit. The young people may find it hard to socialise outside of their family because of judgements being made about them. This may lead the young person to develop negative feelings about themselves or society for not fitting in. This may affect them getting a job. Being in the care system means that a young person is separated away from the family unit due to a family breakdown and could possibly be split up from siblings. this impacts on the life chances of the young person because they may not be able to fully put their trusts in the adults around them because of all the new changes they have gone through. They may struggle to ask for help in later life and rely on themselves more. A young person may have moved schools which will interrupt their education and mean they will not do so well in class and could become disruptive to other pupils. A young person may become resentful of their parents and communication could of broken down, and this could to lead to them having negative feelings about themselves. This could mean that a young person turns to drugs or alcohol and not be able to access higher education or get a good job. Health status of self or a family member can impact on the life of a

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