Describe the Social, Economic and Cultural Factors That Will Impact on the Lives of Children and Young People.

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Social: Anti-social behaviour- If parents show anti-social behaviour it may impact on the child being put into care Addictions- If children live with addicted adults they may be under a lot of stress and experience poverty. This may cause their attendance at school to drop which will impact on their achievements. Bereavement and loss- This can impact on the child's emotional and physical health as they may not know how to respond to this. Adults can also find it difficult to care for the child if they loose a family member which could result in the child going into care. Economic: Health Status- if a child has a condition, their education and home life can be affected as they may not be able to attend school as much as other children. If the parent has a condition the child may be the carer. Poverty- A family on a low income may not be able to provide for their child as well as others. Accommodation and level of housing may be low which can affect their physical health. They may be less likely to achieve as well at school due to lack of space at home to complete homework. This could result in low expectations of themselves. Housing and Community- Poor housing can affect a child's development. Living in a community where children experience anti-social behaviour can lead to families being isolated and children may not speak to their parents. This could also make it difficult to access education and children may get excluded from school due to behaviour. Cultural: Personal Choice- Families may live in a way that is different from the 'normal' such as communal living. This may affect the child's schooling if they are part of a travelling community. Family expectation and encouragement- There are many different types of parenting. For example, cultural. Lack of support can lead to low self esteem in children. Religious beliefs- Religious
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