Top Three Challenges Teens Go Through

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Top three challenges teens go through Teens go through many challenges these days. Most people would think the top three are body image, high parental expectations and, peer pressure. One of the many challenges teens face is having a good body image. Body image is a struggle because they feel like they have to look a certain way to fit in. If a teen's family is regularly complaining about his/her body image the teen will complain too. If someone has poor body image it could lead to them doing unhealthy things to reach their desired figure. Some people might go on unhealthy diets or they could start to excessively exercise. Another struggle teenagers face is having parents that have high expectations. This could be a struggle because some parents live their dreams through their children and that pressures them to do more than they are capable of doing. More stress is being added to that because they want to have friends and make their parents happy and it can be hard for them to make time for studying and hanging out with friends. Most times these teens have a fear of failure and are under a lot of stress. If they feel like they have failed at something that their parents would be disappointed about they could feel like they aren’t good enough or just have unhealthy thoughts about themselves and they could end up being depressed or will do unhealthy things. Peer pressure is another challenge teenagers face. It's hard to deal with depending on the type of people you are friends with and could affect you in a positive or negative way. Most teens feel that if they are not accepted by certain people they don't fit in well. Parents can also pressure their children by making them act like someone they
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