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UNDERSTAND THE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S DEVELOPMENT AND HOW THESE AFFECT PRACTICE 2.1 How children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors Health status - Health problems and medical conditions can influence a child’s development e.g. asthma, this may restrict what they can do like sports and games, they may feel left out because they can’t join in with games. Also if the child has a medical condition they may have to take a lot of time of school and find it harder to make friends. Disability - A child that may be wheelchair bound may not be able to physically join in with some games and sports. However we should adapt activities for them to joint in. Sensory impairment - If a child has a sensory impairment e.g. hearing this can affect them when mixing in groups they may not be able to hear what some say as they may be too far away or too many talking at once. Learning difficulties - a child that has a learning difficulty such as dyslexia may find it hard and frustrating, especially if they are reading as a class this may lead to behavioural problems or even not wanting to go to school which would then affect their development. 2.2 How children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors Poverty and deprivation - how and where a child grows up can have an effect on their health development they may have medical problems like asthma. If they live in a flat or tower block they may not get out as much and this could affect their physical development. If there is a very low income in the house there may not be enough food or the right sort of food like fresh fruit and veg this could affect their growth and energy. Family environment and background - Some parents do not have any input in their childs development like education this may
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