P1 Unit 6

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P1. Outline why children and young people may need to be looked after away from their families. There are a range of reasons as to why children or young people need to be looked after, away from their families. Some of these reasons may be family related such as breakdowns in the family causing danger towards the children living with their parents, bereavement and upheaval, Parental illness or incapacity, suspected or actual maltreatment. Another answer for this could relate to child or young person related issues such as behavioural problems, learning difficulties, disabilities or an offense caused by a child. The reasons as to why children may need to be looked after are varied. Their parents might be severely unwell or unable to cope with…show more content…
It may also be because the child has committed an offence. Some possible causes in behaviour which might lead to problems for children, young people and their families may include stress, anxiety and depression. Many children suffer from stress, leading to poor school performance and emotional and behavioural problems. Stress may be the result of an unstable home life or feeling of being unloved. Their parents may not have the skills for bringing up children, or the child feels the demands for achievement and success are unrealistic. Children with obsessive- compulsive disorders are growing in number. In relation to other mental health issues, relatively little is known about this type of disorder. However, early recognition and the ensuing treatment will help to reduce the suffering they cause. Phobias often come under the heading of childhood anxiety disorders but they are now becoming so common that they may be dealt with as a separate issue. Panic disorders are also linked to phobias and these can be devastating as they can disable the normal life of the child. Once again recognition and treatment are
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