Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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Cultural diversity is especially common in today’s business environment. What communication strategies would you implement as manager to take advantage of this? Culture is behavior and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic or age group, hence cultural diversity speaks to multiply behavior and beliefs. Culture is multiply layered. The first layer of the Organisation speaks to issues such as * Union Affiliation, * Management status, * Staff seniority The Second layer deals with * Geographic location * Work experience of employees * Religious background of the workers The third layers captures * Age * Gender * Ethnicity * Sexual Orientation Each person brings a different flavor to the Organisation and if managed properly can be beneficial to the Organisation. It is important to note that the improper management of diversity within an organization may lead to conflict, such as the impasse between the Chinese and Jamaican workers at the site of the Greenfield stadium in Trelawny. The work ethics of the two parties were different and was exploited instead of embraced and capitalized on. This incident was both costly and an embarrassment to the country. Coca Cola Company is an enterprise employing over 92,000 workers in countries worldwide; they have made diversity work for them. Values such as leadership, passion, integrity collaboration and accountability has created an inclusive atmosphere. In order to garner the advantages of Cultural Diversity managers need to employ inventive measures such as:- Training and development in order to improve skill set, this will ensure that workers have the necessary preparation to move up in the company. The upward mobility within the company would also boast morale. Implementing measures such as * Daycare * Homework huts * Flexi time *
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