Diversity Training Research Paper

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Diversity Training Rosalyn Romero-Donis Everest University Online SYG2001-35 Governments and corporations can definitely make positive use of diversity training for employees who deal extensively with the public. Diversity training is more than just realizing that people come from different cultural and economic backgrounds. One of the key factors in dealing with diversity is realizing that people have different ways of communicating based on their backgrounds. Focusing on diversity and looking for practices to create an inclusive organization - one that makes absolute use of the contributions of all employees - will generate increased productivity. As such, diversity training is a critical component of the present and future success and growth of an organization's business strategy. Diversity…show more content…
For example, outlaw promotions and demotions based on factors other than work performance. Ensure that wages are based on skill levels and experience, not membership in an informal social group. When you discover instances of discrimination, act quickly to eliminate the behavior. Use diversity awareness training to discourage problematic behaviors, such as inappropriate language or humor that perpetuates stereotypes and divisions among people. The goal should be to convince workers of the dangers of divisiveness so they become agents of change, according to the book “The Psychology and Management of Workplace Diversity.” Hold group meetings that allow everyone to voice their concerns, not just people in supervisory positions, which might not represent all the various groups that exist in the workplace. Some low-level employees might hesitate to criticize supervisors in public, so maintain an open-door policy that allows workers to voice their concerns privately. The goal is to encourage awareness of everyone's needs, not just those of the powerful few.
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