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Riordan Benchmarking Alexis OB Holland, Lori Maas, Queenetta Parris MMPBL/560 July 30, 2012 Rachelle Disbennett-Lee Riordan Benchmarking Riordan Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Fortune 1000 powerhouse, Riordan Industries. Riordan Industries is the brainchild of renowned chemist Dr. Michael Riordan. Given the success of the domestic facilities, opened an international facility in the Hangzhou Province of China but soon faced issues of international management and cultural diversity. This paper will focus on an analysis of six companies facing similar issues to Riordan Manufacturing, how the companies responded to those issues, and the resulting outcomes. Additionally, this paper will provide a comparison and contrasts…show more content…
With headquarters in North America, Latin America, Mexico, Europe, the Mid-East, and Africa, PepsiCo encounters various obstacles and prospects. One key area is the individualism and collectivism between differing areas of the world. The offices in North America have stronger individualism and look out for their immediate family and have higher GNP. Although, those with collective thinking including South America and Indonesia tend to have lower GNP and look after each other in exchange for allegiance (Hodgetts, Luthans, & Doh, p. 102, 2006). As PepsiCo and Riordan work in many areas across the world, understanding this helps define the different personal value patterns and effectively work toward cross-cultural teams to bridge the gaps. As PepsiCo continues development globally, somber issues arise as international commerce differs from domestic commerce. Given that an establishment working across boundaries must contract with the forces of domestic, foreign, and international power that persuade the existence, and expansion of a company. PepisCo issues include the controllable and uncontrollable forces influencing trade. These forces encompass raw materials, instant capital, and people. Other factors PepsiCo faces are labor skills, socioeconomic opportunities, including uniqueness, and division in population, labor costs, gender, race, class, language barriers, trading arrangements, technology, and ambiguous rules (International Business, 2005). Response PepsiCo responds by defining core beliefs by making the utmost of diversity assets and aptitudes to aid corporate success. The organization takes abundant care to interlace diversity and presence into the culture to progress as a global, and multicultural organization adept at serving the world’s societies effectively ("Performance with Purpose" 2011).

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