Crafting And Executing Strategy Essay

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Assignment # 1 Crafting and Executing Strategy Jacqueline R. Jones Dr. Gigi Smith Strategic Management – BUS 599 July 10, 2011 Introduction In today’s world where there is a constant barrage of business dealings, international competition and recent technology, operating a business, can be complex and challenging. Crafting and executing strategies are the heart and soul of managing a business. In the business environment it is crucial for businesses to implement strategic planning for the success and long-term viability of its business. Using a business strategy will set the direction for which it intends its business to go, where it is, and where it wants to be. Strategy consists of the competitive moves and business approaches that managers are employing to grow the business, attract and please customers, compete successfully, conduct operations, and achieve the targeted levels of organizational performance (Thompson, et al, 2010). A company’s business strategy will succeed when it is predicated on action, business approaches, and competitive moves that are aimed at appealing to buyers in a way that set its company apart form its rivals and carving its own market position. JetBlue is such a company; it has implemented, evaluated and improved its business strategy. Founder David Needleman, was well versed in customer service and had worked in the travel and airline industry before starting JetBlue (1998).Which became a low-cost and low-fare airlines. Needleman’s impact on JetBlue is understandable having a vision he implemented his dream and started the award winning airlines, which spreaded to international ports. Through time like most airlines JetBlue encountered set backs, but after refining and implementing its new strategies, JetBlue has become a business whose industry is a leader in low-cost air travel. 1. Discuss the
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